Truck Evo Full Kit

mb Man truck explorer truck evo

Truck Evo Full Kit

Truck Evo, Learn key for MB by OBD2 or Direct connect cable.
Learn key for MAN by OBD2 on FFR.
Immobilizer ON/OFF for MB by OBD2 or Direct connect cable.
Speed limit applicable for CPC drive control modules.
Calculate VEDOC, FDOK codes, DAS password for MB by OBD2.
Erase fault codes with report/ Set Torque or Speed limit.
Erase Air Blue faults/ Erase exhaust faults/ Read write 24C Firmware VEDOC, DAS calculator, MCU XC2287
Chip tuning chip work and recover control unit after broken update.
No internet connection required, all operations are done offline via OBD.
Truck Evo available in several languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Lithuanian, Arabic, Persian

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