AVDI Diagnostics for Daihatsu


ABRITES Diagnostics for Daihatsu is a diagnostic software application, designed to work using the Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics Interface (AVDI), that allows the user to perform basic and advanced diagnostics on vehicles produced under the Daihatsu brand.

General diagnostics

The Abrites diagnostics for Daihatsu stands out as one of the first and most unique aftermarket solutions for all in one diagnostic software applications which easily compares to the OEM tools and exceeds their capabilities on multiple occasions.

The software can perform standard diagnostics such as:

  • Reading and clearing of Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Module Identification
  • Extended ID

Special functions

  • Key programming and transponder generation
  • Another special function, included in the software is the Dump tool, allowing the users to view and work with EEPROM dumps and enabling electronic component exchange.

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