TA30 Abrites DST AES emulator

The TA30 is a transponder emulator designed to emulate ALL DST-AES transponders where Page 1 is 88, A8 and A9. This allows extended functionality and the ability to program transponders NOT ONLY found in various Toyota vehicles of the latest generation but ALL vehicle types using these transponders, giving the customer the ability to write and lock all pages of the EEPROM as well as write and lock ALL KEYS.
Using our software, the customer can also perform TIRIS AES verifying of a AES1 crypto key. The TA30 has been placed in our signature shell giving the product a sleek finish.
This reusable transponder (all previously locked pages can be unlocked) is designed to be programmed with the Abrites TagKeyTool and the PROTAG Programmer and will offer a stable working solution for all customers with problems in such vehicles.

TA30 Abrites DST-AES Transponder Emulator

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