AVDI commander for Mitsubishi

Commander for Mitsubishi


The AVDI for Mitsubishi is a professional diagnostic software application designed for the vehicles from the Mitsubishi Motors group. It is a high-quality diagnostics system, which is an indispensable part of the work of the professional garage.


The AVDI for Mitsubishi is a genuine competitive alternative to the OEM software options providing quicker diagnostics, programming and reflashing of all CAN-based vehicles compared to other Mitsubishi diagnostic tools.

The “Abrites diagnostics for Mitsubishi” contains standard diagnostic functions, such as reading identification data, reading/clearing fault codes (DTCs) (description of DTCs is available in different languages - Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish), scanning for available control units in the car, coding/adaptations, displaying of actual values (measured parameters), reading/programming of flash Engine Control Units and output tests. All the latest in Abrites diagnostic development has been incorporated in the Abrites diagnostics for Mitsubishi. With the help of our software you will surpass any competitive tool. We are the absolute leader for diagnostics for Mitsubishi in the aftermarket world.


Engine Control Unit Flash Manager

Reading and updating ECU's flash and configuration memory by diagnostic for EDC15 ECUs.

This function is designed to assist in the module exchange for the ECUs in Mitsubishi Motors vehicles. It works with both new and used ECUs.


The AVDI for Mitsubishi gives our customers the ability to read, write, save and modify the coding in the Mitsubishi vehicles. This also allows the change of VIN numbers of the vehicle. The modification of coding values includes not only options in the vehicle but will also grant you access to the service reminder options. The files that are saved from current modules can be used to be written to modules in the future thus assisting our customers with module adaptation.

Other Special Functions

Engine Control Unit Special functions:
- Readiness test - simple, yet powerful self-test that tests the vehicle emissions system
- Starter counter writing
- Starter counter initialization

Instrument Cluster Special functions:
- Change/reset service reminder intervals
- Test
- Turn-signal sound customization

ABS Special functions:
- Emission Gas Mode
- Sensor calibration

Transmission unit Special functions:
-Electric oil pump air bleeding

Airbag Crash Data Reset by Dump

The following airbag types are supported for clearing the crash data inside them by dump:

BOSCH Colt MR587757 (9S12D64) Clear Crash

BOSCH Carisma MR158433 (68HC11E9) Clear Crash

BOSCH Carisma MR309212 (68HC11KA4) Clear Crash

BOSCH Carisma 0 285 001 232 (68HC11KA4) Clear Crash

BOSCH Carisma 0 285 001 235 (68HC11E20) Clear Crash

BOSCH Carisma 0 285 001 286 (68HC912BE32) Clear Crash

BOSCH Galant MR309232 (93C56) Clear Crash

BOSCH Grandis MN141 401 (95160) Clear Crash

Denso L200 MR530002 DP (93c56) Clear Crash

Lancer MN141 038 (93C76) Clear Crash

Lancer MN141 262 (93C76) Clear Crash

Lancer MN141 473 (93C76) Clear Crash

Lancer W2T62174 (93C76) Clear Crash

Lancer W2T63871 (95160) Clear Crash

Outlander MR587731 (93c56) Clear Crash

Outlander MR587868 (93c56) Clear Crash

Pajero MR213889 (93c46) Clear Crash

Pajero MR268156 (93c46) Clear Crash

Pajero MR268157 (93c46) Clear Crash

Pajero MR530002 DP (93c56) Clear Crash

Pajero MR551784 (93c56) Clear Crash

BOSCH Space Wagon 0 285 001 787 (68HC912BE32) Clear Crash

Denso Strada MR530002 (93c56) Clear Crash

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