Established as the world leader the AVDI for BMW often surpassed other aftermarket and even the OEM tools in Diagnostics, Module replacement, Key programming, Coding and Programming. Completely online with a great, easy to use interface.


The following applies to the BMW/ Mini E, F and G series vehicles including Rolls Royce models.

  • Reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).
  • Clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).
  •  Full guide through the DTC with possible scenarios and complete descriptions.
  • Monitoring Live Values from all electronic modules installed in BMW and Mini vehicles.
  • Live data monitoring from multiple modules at the same time with multiple actuator activation.
  • Actuator testing for thousands of actuators from all electronic modules.
  • Simultaneous operation of actuator tests while monitoring live data.
  • Recording values of the vehicle while performing testing for analysis.
  • Guided functions.
  • Graph and table displays.
  • Outstanding graphic user interface.


All Coding/ flashing/ Programming can be performed in accordance to the vehicle’s Integration Level (I-LEVEL). You can also choose to disregard it. -Default coding writing to electronic modules. Allows you to set the coding without the need of a coding file. We generate our own coding files.

  • Coding files are saved in a format accessible to most tools for BMW, such as ISTA P and E-SYS.
  • Full coding ability for E and F series vehicles allowing retrofits of options such as cameras, seat heating, modifications and thousands of others.
  • Vehicle personalization according to each customer’s specifications and requirements. Speed limiter removals, video in motion
  • Vehicle order (VO) reading, saving, modifications and writing.
  • Retrofits

    FAST CODING options. Hundreds of fast coding options which can be turned on or off with a single click:

  • Seat belt reminder lights OFF

  • Disable Welcome 3 gongs

  • Seat belt reminder sound OFF

  • Auto Start/Stop OFF by default

  • Auto Start/Stop – remember last setting

  • Unlock all doors with engine off (Single-Pull Handles)

  • Electronics off when door opened

  • Close Mirrors/Windows/SunRoof from FOB or CA

  • Start car without holding brake

  • Angel-Eyes full brightness (with headights on)

  • Close Mirrors/Windows/SunRoof from FOB or CA

  • Tilt passenger mirror down when in reverse gear

  • Don't interrupt windows when opening front doors

  • Brake lights flashing on hard braking

  • Set high-beam assistant auto-on

  • Close/Open trunk from fob & kick panel

  • Set high-beam assistant auto-on

  • Set cell phone ringer as primary

  • Enable Siri voice control

  • Disable auto-locking of doors while driving

  • Enable ///M LapTimer

  • Enable sports displays

  • Enable volume on-screen display

  • Enable turn signals in HUD

  • Activate DVD in motion

  • Enable video files from USB

  • Disable beep when locking car

  • Enable speach input for E-Mail and SMS

  • Add Temperature & PSI to tire monitor screen

  • Remove legal disclaimers

  • Enable Developer Menu

  • A/C System remembers last setting

  • Always rememer air recirculating

  • Opening rear doors won't interrupt windows

  • Disable headlights washers

  • Increase auto-wiper sensitivity

  • Show digital speed in cluster

  • Show turn signals in HUD

  • Synchronize clock through GPS

  • Enable HUD for entertainment & phone list

  • Enable rear-view camera at all speeds

  • Enable side-view cameras at all speeds

  • Enable HUD for entertainment & phone list

  • Enable paddle shifters (for retrofits)

  • Enable WiFi hot-spot

  • Enable Euro MDM

  • Start car without holding clutch/brake

  • Close windows, sunroof & mirror from key fob

  • Automatically unfold mirrors at low speed

  • Turn off MMI when door is opened

  • Turn on brake force flashing with hard breaking

  • Turn off amber side-markers next to headlight

  • Ambient lightning controlled independent from dimmer switch

  • Illuminate exterior door handle LEDs when in reverse

  • Set high-beam assistant auto-on

  • Disable headlights washers

  • Display tire pressure and temperature in Vehicle Info

  • Enable IPCE web server

  • A/C System remembers last setting

  • Always rememer air recirculating

  • Set high-beam assistant auto-on

  • Seat belt reminder sound OFF

  • Enable launch control

  • Disable active sound design (M5 only)

  • Enable active sound design configuration menu (M5 only)

  • Enable active sound design configuration menu (M5 only)

  • Enable blind-spot detection at lower speeds

  • Unlock all doors with engine off (Single-Pull Handles)

  • Electronics off when door opened

  • Fog lights stay on with high-beams

  • Disable Welcome 3 gongs

  • Seat belt reminder lights OFF

  • Turn off front window roll-up door interrupt

  • Enable navi fuel-stop proposals along route


  • Replacement of the DME/ DDE module for E and F series (With or without CAS module encryption)
  • Replacement of the ZF6HP (not applicable for F series vehicles) and ZF8HP EGS gearbox modules for E and F series (for
  • 8HP in E series you need the donor car’s DME/ DDE or dump from it while for F series you do not need it).
  • Replacement of FEM/ BDC modules in F series completely while retaining the original coding of the vehicle.
  • Making FEM/ BDC modules virgin in order for them to be replaced.
  • FEM mileage reset for seamless adaptation. Reset shadow memory.
  • Change ID (VIN) available for many modules including FEM and DME/ DDE.
  • Replacement of secondary electronic modules (not directly related to the vehicle’s operation) such as:
  • Xdrive all wheel drive module replacement of the transfer case.
  • FSC coding for navigational system updates for CCC/ CIC/ NBT navigation systems.



    Complete OEM and higher level of diagnostics:

    - Reading and clearing DTCs with the ability to show causes and possible fixes.

    - Full DTC details with descriptions.

    - Actuator testing and activation.

    - Live values in table or graph mode.

    - Simultaneous use of Actuators and live value monitoring

    - Key programming for BMW Motorcycles and scooters using HITAG 2, DST 80 and DST AES keys for example: S1000RR; BMW K19 - C600 and C650; BMW GS1200/ GS1200R; K and F series (K1300 and F800) commonly known as XEWS4 type. They use DST80 transponders so you can use the Abrites TA17 as a key.BMW R1200GS using a handsfree unit (Keyless go system) X_SLZ/ HUF. These use a DST AES type of key and others.

    - Module replacement for BMW Motorcycles and scooters.

    EWS replacement.
    ABS replacement.
    Cluster replacement.
    DME replacement.

    - Coding and Programming for BMW Motorcycles and scooters.

    Vehicle order (VO).
    Programming of flashes in the modules.
    Integration level.
    Customisation for various modules according to the customer's requests.


    Online based software allowing continuous integration of updates directly with the help of an automated update process.
    J2534 Passthru Support for ISTA- D, NCS Expert, Tool 32

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