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Since 1997, Simon Touch has been a leader in the automotive industry with a full engineering team providing solutions and software's for different security systems, and diagnostics problems.


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Simon Touch News

10 January 2019

New FEM BDC V 1.0.43 software

New FEM/BDC software update, free for all our clients. NEW FEM/BDC versions NEW FEM/BDC restore versionsFor more info click here

JLR key programming promotion
09 January 2019

JLR key programming promotion

NEW RANGE ROVER /LAND ROVER / JAGUAR KEY LEARNING DEVICE BY OBD II 2010-2018+ JLR Doctor   - Cover the new #Range_Rover/ #Land_Rover #Range_Velar - All FK72 AND Latest 2018+...

The Truth Behind MDP False Publicity
11 December 2018

The Truth Behind MDP False Publicity

Simon Touch Company was partner with MDP Company (Automotive art) until 11 December 2018. Partnership based on agreement that all our new customers has the right to get their MDP...

Simon Touch Christmas Offers
10 December 2018

Simon Touch Christmas Offers

Kindly Click here to see all our Christmas 2018 offersFor more information kindly contact our sales departmentSales Email: info@keyprogtools.com & simon.touch@hotmail.comSupport Email: support@keyprogtools.com

04 December 2018


AVDI + ATC01 - 699 EUR  ABRITES Key and Module replacement set for Mercedes-Benz (includes MN026, ZN002 PROTAG, ZN036 IR Adapter and ZN051 Distribution Box) - 1999 EUR - PSA...

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