Nissan/Infiniti (online)

AVDI for Nissan Infiniti Online is one of the latest additions to the AVDI Online (new cloud-based diagnostics user interface) Software interfaces. With its help you will be able to perform diagnostic functions such as:

- Module Identification by OBD.
- Extended module identification by OBD
- Reading Diagnostic Codes (DTC) by OBD.
- Clearing Diagnostic Codes (DTC) by OBD.
- Easy vehicle recognition by image
- Monitor Live values from various ECUs by OBD.
- Supports full vehicle scan, module identification, read/clear DTC, live data, actuator tests and various procedures

It has the ability to determine the vehicle by VIN when this is available. This can be performed directly through the ON BOARD DIAGNOSTIC PORT of the vehicle.

Key Programming and PIN code extraction

Completely new key programming abilities added to the ONLINE software, PIN code reading and key programming available in the Abrites Diagnostics for Nissan 31.5. With the help of the Abrites diagnostics for NISSAN/ Infiniti Online, you will be able to perform PIN code reading for vehicles using 4, 12 and 20 digit PIN codes and perform key programming for these models. The support list for the models can be seen under the Abrites diagnostics for Nissan/ Infiniti offline software.

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