AVDI commander for Porsche


Welcome to the AVDI for Porsche

The AVDI for Porsche was developed for the Porsche specialist. We know that the customers who come to you are enthusiasts and Porsche drivers care about their vehicles more than any other automotive enthusiast. As much as the Porsche purists will not agree today’s vehicles make great use of what the modern electronics have to offer and inevitably electronics have problems. We at Abrites know electronics. Porsche is a company we respect not only for its motorsport heritage but also for its electronic ingenuity. Without their genius electronic solutions, we would have never seen what is the best double clutch transmission. Porsche have developed the PDK since the late 90s’ to make it the diamond it is today. Hybrid technology is also something the Zuffenhausen company is at the forefront of which is proven with the 918 Spyder.

For this reason we at Abrites aimed at making one tool to safely cover all diagnostic needs you and your customer's cars have. We consider ourselves the absolute leader in aftermarket diagnostics for Porsche vehicles. We offer a complete solution starting from diagnostic trouble code (DTC) reading, live data, actuator testing and DTC clearing to ECU adaptation and even learning and renewing used keys. We know how important it is to have a solution for Porsche vehicles and for this reason we strive to cover all possible models and perform most of our diagnostics via simple OBD (on board diagnostics). Of course this is not always possible and this is where we can offer you our help. The Abrites diagnostics for Porsche comes with its own user manual where we have described in details how you could perform all the procedures we have developed.

Our range of supported vehicles starts from the early 2000’s 911 (996) model and covers all the models up until 2017’s 991.2, the 918 Spyder is also supported and we are proud to say that we cover even the hybrid system in this car.

General diagnostics

What makes us better than the rest?

In order to better understand what makes us better than our competitors, you should look at the concept of Abrites. Our solution includes the AVDI (Abrites vehicle diagnostic interface) and our own software Which is divided in “Standard diagnostics” and “Special functions”. This system works on any Windows-based computer (we prefer to use Windows 10) Where you install the Abrites diagnostic software and connect the AVDI interface with the OBD to the vehicle. Using standard diagnostics you can perform fault code reading, fault code clearing, read live data, perform actuator tests and read all possible details in a vehicle’s electronic control system such as manufacturing date and flash version.

We support all Porsche diagnostic protocols – KWP2000 on K-Line with fast initialization, KWP2000 on CAN, CAN UDS, KWP2000 on TP2.0 (CAN), CAN KWP2000 on TP16, KWP2000 on K- Line with slow initialization. When you connect the Abrites diagnostics for Porsche to the vehicle the software automatically detects the vehicle and performs an electronic module scan in order to read the details of all electronic modules in the car so as to make the job easier for you to start working directly.

What we call standard diagnostics is our first step -we let you read all the details of the electronic modules, perform reading and clearing of DTCs, view live data and test actuators to get the best picture of the diagnostic situation in the vehicle. Our mode of operation is based on over 12 years of constant vehicle diagnostics development. We have been developing the Abrites diagnostics for Porsche for more than 10 years and we can safely say that we really know Porsches and all they have to offer diagnostically.

Abrites solve not just the standard diagnostic problems a Porsche specialist may face. We also have a solution for electronic control unit replacement. We can assist you to replace an engine control unit (ECU) in a Porsche vehicle in just a few minutes both with new and used units. Using a previously used unit, of course, poses the issue of operating hours from the replacement ECU. This is another thing we can assist with again purely by diagnostics.

Updating the Flash and Configuration data of the electronic control units in Porsches.

Using the AVDI for Porsche you can read and write the flash files and the configuration data files in Porsche vehicles to aid module replacement as well as open a door for chip tuning and flash management.

Another one of our strong points is key learning. Using our software you can perform key learning to Porsche vehicles – the 911 range, Panamera, Cayenne, Boxter, Cayman, Macan and even the flagship 918 Spyder are all covered by our software. The procedures are described in our user manual and with a bit of extra work you can also reuse HITAG 2 types of keys which drives the costs of key learning down.

One of the latest features we have is to solve the problem with the adaptation of the headlights. As you surely know Cayenne and Panamera headlights are unfortunately notoriously easy to be removed from the car which is a problem. With current main dealer rates, we see many end customers driving with no headlights on their cars. We have a solution. We offer our headlights replacement function in order for the Porsche specialist to be able to replace the headlights on Panamera and Cayenne cars directly by diagnostics.

Automatic identification of vehicle model
Scanning for installed components

Basic diagnostic functions:
- Identification
- Extended identification
- Reading/clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)

Multilingual support

The constant issues of lost in translation" are being eliminated daily as more and more languages are being added to the AVDI  for Porsche, allowing more people to have access to our product.

Table of supported vehicles for standard diagnostics

Model Identification Read/Clear DTCs Actual values / Input signals Output test / Activations Coding
Porsche 911 996 (1998 - 2005) + + + + +
Porsche Boxster 986 (1997 - 2004) + + + + +
Porsche Carrera GT (2002 - 2006) + + + + +
Porsche 911 997 (2005 - 2010) + + + + +
Porsche Boxster 987 (2005 - 2010) + + + + +
Porsche Cayman 987 (2005 - 2010) + + + + +
Porsche Cayenne 9PA(up to 2010) + + + + +
Porsche Cayenne 92A(2010 up) + + + + +
Porsche Panamera 970 (2010 up) + + + + +
Porsche 911 991 (2012 up) + + + + +
Porsche Boxster 981 (2012 up) + + + + +
Porsche 918 Spyder (2013-2015) + + + + +
Porsche Macan (2014 up) + + + + +

Special functions

Instrument Cluster/Engine Control Module Recalibration

Reading and updating internal control module configuration memory by diagnostic. Recalibration of control unit working characteristics (time, mileage).

Table of supported vehicles
Vehicle Model Cluster calibration Operating hours counter
Porsche 911 996 (1998 - 2005) + by OBDII for ECU ME7.8/ME7.2/ME5.2.2
Porsche Boxster 986 (1997 - 2004) + by OBDII for ECU ME7.8/ME7.2/ME5.2.2
Porsche Carrera GT (2002 - 2006) + by OBDII for ECU ME7.8/ME7.2/ME5.2.2
Porsche 911 997 (2005 - 2010) + by OBDII for ECU ME7.8/ME7.2/ME5.2.2
Porsche Boxster 987 (2005 - 2010) + by OBDII for ECU ME7.8/ME7.2/ME5.2.2
Porsche Cayman 987 (2005 - 2010) + by OBDII for ECU ME7.8/ME7.2/ME5.2.2
Porsche Cayenne 9PA(MY up to 2010) + -
Porsche Cayenne 92A(MY 2010 -2014) + -
Porsche Panamera 970 (2010 -2014) + -

Advanced Diagnostic Functionality

  • Reading and modification of unit configuration (coding)
  • The live data monitoring function(actual values), which can be displayed in graph and table form as well as the simultaneous monitoring of a vast selection of parameters and values make for a powerful assistant when locating faults and/or abnormal behaviour with the vehicle
  • Output test (activations) - This feature of the AVDIfor Porsche allows the user to use the AVDI as an OEM diagnostic tool, locating faults from the detected electronic control modules
  • Input signals
  • Activations
  • Adaptation of control units
  • Key programming 9x6 series
  • Key programing 9x7 series
  • PIN code calculation
  • Control unit replacement

When faced with the challenge of preparing a key for a Porsche vehicle the AVDI for Porsche manages it in a simple and informative manner. It lets the user choose the method (when available) and provides constant onscreen, step-by-step instructions in order to assure the final result is successful. The key learning option is often considered by our customers to be even more powerful than even the factory testers.

Table of supported vehicles
Vehicle Model Read Login/Teach enable code Service interval reset Teach immobilizer Key programming Key learning Steering angle sensor calibration
Porsche 911 996 (1998 - 2005) by dump of the Alarm module + + N/A + +
Porsche Boxster 986 (1997 - 2004) by dump of the Alarm module + + N/A + +
Porsche Carrera GT (2002 - 2006) by dump of the Alarm module + + N/A + +
Porsche 911 997 (2005 - 2010) - + + + + +
Porsche Boxster 987 (2005 - 2010) - + + + + +
Porsche Cayman 987 (2005 - 2010) - + + + + +
Porsche Cayenne 9PA(MY up to 2010) + + + + + +
Porsche Cayenne 92A(MY 2010 up) - + - - - -
Porsche Panamera 970 (2010 up) - + - - - -
Porsche 911 991 (2012 up) - + - - - -
Porsche Boxster 981 (2012 up) - + - - - -

 Why choose us?

Based on the above we truly believe we have a fully working alternative to the OEM diagnostic solution from Porsche and the fact is that we have no direct competition not only in terms of functionality but also when it comes to price. Yes, you could do some of what you can with the AVDI for Porsche with other tools but you will need at least 3 or 4 separate tools from separate aftermarket companies or opt for an OEM solution however the price for both of these alternatives will simply be beyond comparison to the practical, simple and user friendly solution we offer.

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