Ferrari Control Switch Buttons

Ferrari F430 / 599 Reverse/ Auto & L.C Button Switch.

ferrari launch control buttons

Buttons are high-quality injection molded, rigid plastic. Unlike the original silicone rubber, these will never disintegrate.

Sticky RX's hard touch coating which will never peel or get sticky.

Graphics (fonts) are an exact replication of the OEM.

Graphics will illuminate at night just as the OEM.

Turnkey solution - no need to ship us anything, simply order the replacement and install.

10-15 minute install time.

Backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty
(see installation video for details)

Below is a list of associated Ferrari Part Numbers for reference:

Ferrari F430 and F430 Spider:

Ferrari 206085 (Jaeger)
Ferrari 209384 (Jaeger)
Ferrari 209161 (Jaeger)
Ferrari 69928100
Ferrari 81699200
Ferrari 69934800
Ferrari 81699600
Ferrari 69939300
Ferrari 81699300
Ferrari 430 Scuderia and 430 16M


Ferrari 80499700
Ferrari 81699400
Ferrari 80692900
Ferrari 81699500
Ferrari 80886700
Ferrari 81699700
Ferrari GTB Fiorano and 599


Ferrari 219152
Ferrari 246336
Ferrari 219153
Ferrari 246337
Ferrari 246336
Ferrari 219154
Ferrari 246338
Ferrari 246022
Ferrari 246020
Ferrari 246024
Ferrari 285922
Ferrari 285923
Ferrari 285924

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