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Abrites January 2018 software update

Coming soon! JANUARY 2018 UPDATE!!

In the AVDI January 2018 update, you will be able to see many new features. There will be updates for almost all Abrites software applications including the addition of the MQB key programming for the GOLF VII vehicle family, Mitsubishi vehicles key programming, Toyota key programming, cloning and reset of immobilizer and smart systems as well as many other new additions like ABS calibration in Renault/ Dacia, etc. to ensure that the AVDI remains the absolute leader in the world of aftermarket vehicle diagnostic systems. We will be able to provide the newest additions to our diagnostics including the latest updates for Mercedes in our online diagnostic software as well as new special functions which will allow all of our customers to be one step ahead of their competition.

AVDI for Renault/Dacia Online

Coming soon in January 2018!!!

AVDI for Renault/Dacia is happy to announce the latest addition to the Abrites diagnostics for Renault/Dacia online software - mileage recalibration in the ABS module for Renault and Dacia vehicles. Both ATE and Bosch modules will be supported. Please find a table with the supported models grouped by module manufacturer.

Renault Megane III Renault Clio IV
Renault Laguna III Dacia Duster II 
Renault Scenic III Dacia Docker II
Renault Fluence Dacia Logan II
Renault Latitude Dacia Sandero II
Reanult Scala  

Please expect this functionality included in our January update!

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*BMW Full Package –2929 EUR
*VAG full Package-5599 EUR (ZN002,ZN051,ZN052,ZN053 and EM003 are all required to use this package fully)
*Full package for FCA vehicles – 1899 EUR (all FN0XX and CR0XX special functions)
*Full package for GM – 1199 EUR (all ON0XX special functions)
*Full package for Toyota and Subaru -1199 EUR (all TN0XX and SB0XX special functions)
*Full package for Ford/Mazda and Jaguar/Land Rover -1 699 EUR (all FR0XX and JL0XX special functions)
*French cars pack – 4199 EUR (all RR0XX and PN0XX special functions)
*AVDI full - special functions ONLY = 18 699 EUR need to add hardware interface 699 eur
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* Any Vag function 20% discount
* Any FCA function 35% discount
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* Any Subaru function 30% discount
* Any Ford/ Mazda function 35% discount
* Any Frensh car functions 35% discount

shipping NOT included
P.S: For any activation AMS must be valid.


AVDI is extremely happy to announce that the long months of development in our VAG department are now achieving the results that we all hoped and the next software release will contain support for the MQB platform. The first function that will be released is going to be cluster recalibration for the following models with instrument cluster Continental/VDO:

Audi A3/S3 2014+ Audi Q2
Seat LEON 07.2014+ Skoda FABIA/OCTAVIA III 07.2014+
Skoda RAPID 06.2015+ Skoda KODIAQ/SUPERB III
Seat IBIZA/ATECA/TOLEDO 06.2015+    Volkswagen Golf 7/Polo/Tiguan II/Touran II 07.2014+
Volkswagen Crafter 2017+ Volkswagen Passat B8

We are also currently in the development stage for a key programming solution and will let you know as soon as we are close to releasing the necessary functionality.

AVDI for Opel/Vauxhall

The latest update of the AVDI for Opel/Vauxhall has added support on the following fronts:

Key Learning

The new and improved key learning function now supports programming of keyless keys for Opel Insignia/Chevrolet Cruze. Key learning has also been added for certain Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC models.

NB! The new function is available for owners of the ON013 special function. Customers with older key learning functions will need to use the "Legacy mode" special function.

Read Security Code

Engines: E38, E39, E39A, E78, E83, E92
Instrument Panel Cluster with 4.2 inch Color Display - Insignia Facelift (2013-2017)
Instrument Panel Cluster with 8 inch Color Display - Insignia Facelift (2013-2017)
Body Control Module - Insignia Facelift (2013-2017)
Body Control Module - Corsa D

Read/Update ConfData

BCM Delphi 70F3238 (93C86) - Read/Write - Corsa D
BCM Delphi 70F3379 (93C86) - Read/Write - Corsa D
BCM Delphi 70F3633 - Read data flash - Meriva B
BCM Bosch 70F3385 (24C16) - Read/Write
BCM Bosch 70F3469 (24C16) - Read/Write
BCM Bosch 70F3558 (24C32) - Read/Write
BCM Continental 70F3469 (95160/25160) - Read/Write
BCM Continental 70F3558 (95320/25320) - Read/Write

Abrites diagnostics for VAG version 30.0

BIG NEWS!!! for the AVDI diagnostics for VAG. Another big breakthough in terms of the VDO NEC (Some Continental clusters are also included) was made by our team We can now enter Service Mode by OBD and support the clusters for key learning and cluster calibration. Our special function "Instrument CAN" now manages to cover many of the newer models and allign with the OEM tool to support our customers, both key and service specialists. We have developed a new system and it will be free for the people who had the special function for the older models. Here are just some of the cars this includes and will cover: VW Jetta 2014-2016; VW Amarok (Continetal) 2014+; VW T5 06.2014 - 2016; VW T6 2015+; 2017VW Sharan 2014+; VW Passat (3A) 2014 - 2016; VW Caddy (2K) 2014 +; 2017Audi A1 2014+; Audi Q3 2014+; VW Scirocco 2014+; VW Tiguan (5N) 06.2014+; VW Touran 2014+; VW EOS 06/2014+;Skoda Yeti 06/2014+; VW CC (3C) 2014-2016; VW Golf Cabrio 2014+; Seat Alhambra 2014+

The key learning functionality related to these vehicle will be free for all customers with a valid AMS and the VN003 special function.

The cluster calibration functionality related to these vehicles will be free for all customers with a valid AMS and the VN001 special function.

Here are some of the other upgrades to the AVDI for VAG this September:

- EZS-Kessy A6/Q7 with VAG number "4F0910852B" and SW version 0210 and higher is now supported for reading when a working key is present.Free for all customers who have special function VN003 and valid AMS.
- MM9 dashboard added with TP2.0 for calibration (build in some Golf 5 cars). Free for all customers who have special function VN001 and valid AMS.
- Install/Remove a device from Gateway Installation list. Free for all customers who have a valid AMS.
- Improved autoscan and ClearDTCs via Gateway list. Free for all customers who have a valid AMS.
- Immo 3/4 Emulator reflash (update of the firmware) available for all customers who have a valid AMS.
- Make a dealer key from Comfort module dump on Passat B6 using TA26 (when all keys are lost). Free for all customers who have special function VN003 and valid AMS.
- Read and write of EEPROM and FLASH by boot pin for ME17.5.24 (TC1724) and ME17.5.6 (TC1767)Free for all customers who have special function VN004 and valid AMS.
- Calibration of MED17.5.5. Free for all customers who have special function VN004 and valid AMS.

AVDI ABPROG programmer

The new version of the Abrites ABProg will contain the option to renew new keys. Chief among those keys will be Abrites renewal for FIAT 500 X keyless keys made by Continental. You can use the ZN046 and ABPROG programmer.


TA28 Clio IV/ Capture keyless card

The TA28 is a keyless key PCB for programming to Renault vehicles using the AVDI for Renault/Dacia software together with the PROTAG programmer for the following models: Renault Clio IV 2012+; Renault Capture 2013+; Renault Samsung QM3 2013+; Renault Lutecia 2012+.

The TA28 is a PCB sized perfectly to be put in an original Renault card shell.


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TA29 FIAT 500X keyless key/ Jeep Renegade

The TA29 is a keyless key designed to be programmed to be compatible with FIAT 500X and all other vehicles that use the same key type. The TA29 has been placed in our signature shell and has three functional buttons - lock, unlock and boot lid opening.
This key is designed to be programmed with the AVDI for FCA and the PROTAG and will offer a stable working solution for all customers.


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TA30 Abrites DST AES emulator

TA30 DST AES emulator is a new product made in order to Emulate a DST AES transponder for various Toyota vehicles of the latest generation. It is a great companion for locksmiths and key learning procedures. In our experience having such an emulator has proved priceless.

TA30 Abrites DST-AES Transponder Emulator

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Abrites diagnostics for Volvo version 5.5

Abrites diagnostics for Volvo version 5.5 Abrites diagnostics for Volvo version 5.5 offers improvements in all categories and also the new function for synchronizing CEM to ECM modules. This is especially in effect for the 1.6 diesel vehicles such as V70 2012+ for Continental SID807 D416xxx.

VN006 - Immo III/IV with Megamos 48 key programming

Dear Customers, We are happy to announce the release of our latest VAG special function - VN006, which allows for the programming of keys to Immo III/IV vehicles with Megamos48 keys. Using this function, together with the ZN053 adapter (included in the purchase price) and the ZN051 Distribution Box (sold separately), our customers have the opportunity to program keys both when there is a working key and in ALL KEYS LOST situations.
The special function will be available to order from Monday, 2 October.

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