FBS4 Manager Now In Sale

FBS4 Manager is a special function dedicated to the latest generation Mercedes- Benz FBS (DAS) related modules. It is where all the functions for FBS4 (around 2015+) vehicles will be developed. For the moment the focus of the function falls on its service related abilities. It allows the following for modules installed in Mercedes vehicles equipped with the FBS4 generation of DAS:

- Renewal of FBS4 control modules including 7G Tronic units 722.9. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS.

- Renewal of FBS4 CRD 3.X Engine Control Units. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS.

N.B. Please note that you will require an AVDI interface with an active AMS in order to use this special function. Absolutely no tokens required.

Abrites Diagnostics for HONDA cloud (online software)

The AVDI for Honda now includes key programming for models from 2010 to 2016.

The function includes ALL KEYS LOST and adding one key to the existing key count.

The function will be free for all customers with AMS for the moment and future developments may need additional payment.

Abrites Diagnostics for Subaru Online

Abrites Diagnostics for Subaru now supports SUBARU BRZ 2017+ for smart system reset and ALL KEYS LOST key programming.

Even when there is no key you will be able to make a key for the little rear-wheel-drive sports coupe.

All customers with a valid AMS and a valid SB001 special function will receive the new update later today.

New special functions for Renault and Hyundai/Kia

Dear Customers,

The Renault function - RR017 is our latest key programming solution for Megane IV/Scenic IV/Talisman and Espace V vehicles. The function reads the PIN Code and programs a key both when an extra key is required and in ALL KEYS LOST situations. Please note that when you are adding a new key to the vehicle, you will need to prepare it using the PROTAG programmer.

The price of the function is 1 250 EUR (without VAT) and it is a separate function without any updates. We have however created a Renault Key Package which will feature a 10% discount of the sum of the separate functions it includes (RR012, RR015 and RR017) and the price of the key package will be 3 600 EUR (without VAT).

The Hyundai/Kia key programming solution - HK008 is a breakthrough we have been working towards for a few months as we believe that our solution is much more worthwhile than the PIN by VIN solution that is currently on the market at the moment. The new special function HK008 extracts the PIN from all vehicles that have a smart key (including 2018+ and regardless if the PIN has been changed during a service program). It also includes key programming for mechanical keys for all vehicles with Delphi, Kefico and Bosch EDC15/EDC16 ECUs.

The price of the function is 650 EUR (without VAT). We will also offer a reduced price (400 EUR) for all customers who have an active HK006 special function for the loyalty they have shown us and the fact that they waited for us to develop our own solution. Please note, however, that this is NOT an upgrade from HK006 to HK008 and will NOT apply to customers who own previous key programming functions for Hyundai/Kia (HK002 and HK004).

AVDI for Kia/ Hyundai version 4.0

Big News for all locksmiths working on KIA and Hyundai vehicles
- PIN CODE READING and KEY PROGRAMMING for almost 100% of ALL the models of the Korean automotive giants.
2018 models included!!!
Simple, easy to use, the elegant AVDI solution provided by our new special function HK008.
- PIN code reading and key programming for vehicles with Smart Keys
- PIN code reading and key programming for vehicles with mechanical key and Delphi DCM3.7 ECUs
The current support list also includes pin code reading and key programming for all vehicles with mechanical key and an ECU from the following brands: Delphi, Kefico, Bosch EDC15/ EDC16

AVDI for Subaru Online

In the new version of the AVDI for Subaru we now have coverage for the latest Subaru BRZ:
- New Subaru BRZ Smart systems added (2017+)
- Improved diagnostics for SUBARU BRZ and new models Subaru vehicles.
The support covers the systems when a master key is present, All keys lost will be added in the next update.

AVDI for Jaguar and Land Rover version 2.5

In Version 2.5 of the AVDI for JLR you can expect to see new airbag modules supported for reading and writing. This is a function very helpful when clearing the Crash data.
Basically, the Land Rover and Jaguar XC23xx airbags are all supported so this will help anyone who restores damaged vehicles of these brands.
Here are just some of the examples:

AVDI for Peugeot/Citroën version 7.8

In the new version of the AVDI for PSA we are now able to cover even more Continental BSI 2015+ modules building on the existing features already included in the software.
The new version will allow better work speed, more stable connection and new software versions of the BSIs made by Continental to be covered.

AVDI For Mitsubishi Online

We are proud to announce that the AVDI for Mitsubishi. As you probably know this is where the future for our company's development and all of our future features will be online.

The time has come for the "Three diamonds" to receive the online treatment. Here is what you will see in this version:
- Read DTC
- Clear DTC
- Module Identification
- New flashing capabilities available for many electronic control units.
- Renew of FBS4 control modules including 7G Tronic units 722.9. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS.
- Renew of FBS4 CRD 3.X Engine Control Units. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS.
- Displaying status of FBS4 components in the vehicle.
- DPF regeneration and renewal for Mercedes Diesel Vehicles (including the DELPHI diesel ECUs)
- DPF running time value reset
With the above mentioned update our customers will have the accumulation of all currently available Mercedes tools in one at less than half the price thus making AVDI and AVDI for Mercedes the ultimate Mercedes-Benz tool.

AVDI for Mercedes Online

The biggest update to the AVDI for Mercedes since the release of DAS manager.
Major updates will be available with the next update to the AVDI for Mercedes.
CODING and FLASHING FEATURES, we are now able to adopt new features, perform retrofits, and change the behavior of modules and others. This is available in a comprehensive and easy to use online version for most Mercedes - benz and AMG models including the latest such as W222 new S- class and W166 GLE, new C class W205, new E class W213. The new flashing and coding allow an almost endless configuration and some of the most popular and needed features are made as simple and easy functions for coding such as: functions. Here are just some of the new features we will be able to help you achieve with a single click:
- Enabling and disabling of the seatbelt alarm system, for example, W205/ W222/ W217/ W166 new models.
- Enabling and disabling of the MAX SPEED Limit (MED for the new //AMG models including A45 AMG, CLA45 AMG, GLA 45 AMG, C43 AMG and all the related models)
- Enabling and disabling of the Video in motion (VIM) for older and newer cars up to 2018
- Enabling and disabling of the AMG start screen for older and new Mercedes-benz models.
- Enabling and disabling of "CAR PLAYER" (Apple car play), etc. In some cases an update is needed and this can be done using the AVDI FLASHING in Mercedes - benz for phone screen mirroring for example.
- Ability to calibrate the sunroof.
- Ability to calibrate 360 degree cameras, enable, coding, including Special Vehicle Solution (SVS).
- Enabling, disabling and calibrating the Special Vehicle Solution front camera.
- Mercedes Special Vehicles Solutions rear view mirror cameras enabling, disabling and calibrating.
- ADBlue enabling - when the ADBlue mileage reaches "0" and you are not able to drive the car to the workshop you can now reactivate the car in order to re-start the car.
- With the upcoming version, we will be able to provide SCN and variant coding for the MED40, MED177, VGSNAGx ECUs allowing for coding of features such as the speed restrictor for the S63 ///AMG models which will assist Mercedes specialists immensely.

AVDI for VAG version 34.0

In the upcoming version of the AVDI for VAG you can expect the following new features:
- Reworked the procedure for adaptation of EZS-Kessy from A6 (2005-2010) and Q7 (2006-2014).

- Reworked the procedure for adaptation of Transmission of A6 (2005-2010) and Q7 (2006-2014).

- Reworked the procedure for adaptation of Immo V ECU for the BCM2 cars (now it is possible to adapt the ECU completely by OBDII for the ECUs until 2013, for the other ECUs it is no longer necessary to write the flash back to the ECU).

- Reworked the procedure for adaptation Immo III/Immo IV ECU/TCU (VN005). Adapting the devices without using EM003 emulator.

- ME17.5.24 is now supported - PIN/CS is read from the internal CAN bus

- Cluster calibration completely by OBD for Audi A6/A7 (4G), Audi A8 (4H), VW Touareg (7P) available with the VN010 function for cars produced after 2010+

- New versions of the EZS Kessy related modules added for component protection as well as new versions of MMI modules added across the Generation I and II.

- Added support for Component protection for 09-Central electric module with Quorriva MCU

AVDI for Nissan/ Infiniti version 31.5 (online)

In the upcoming update for the AVDI for Nissan 31.5, you witness the following changes.

- Brand new cloud- based diagnostics user interface
- Easy vehicle recognition by image
- Auto- detection by VIN when possible
- Supports full vehicle scan, module identification, read/clear DTC, live data, actuator tests and various procedures

The development of the AVDI for Nissan/ Infiniti continues constantly and newer diagnostic features become available every day with new and improved functionality being sent to all customers completely seamless.

AVDI for Renault version 31.5 (online)

In the upcoming version of the AVDI for Renault 31.5 you can expect the following new features:

- PIN reading and card programming for the following models in the new RR017 special function:
• Renault Talisman 2015+
• Renault Espace 2015+
• Renault Megane IV 2016+
• Renault Scénic IV 2016+
- Autoliv Airbag Clear Crash for Talisman, Megane IV, Scenic IV, Espace V, Kadjar
- Virgin Engine Control Module (ECM) adaptation for Clio IV, Twingo III, Trafic III, Logan II, Sandero II, Duster Ph2, Dokker, Lodgy
- PIN reading speed improved on poor internet connection
- Clio IV, Logan II, Sandero II, Dokker, Lodgy, Duster Ph2 2015+ PIN reading support improved
- General diagnostic improvements - identification of UDS vehicles improved, live data items order fixed
- Recovering of Smart453 possible with RR015 license
As with all AVDI online software we are constantly improving and adding features and improving what is already there. The beauty of the online software is that you can receive every update without installation and anything more than a minute to let the latest version download while you are online.

AVDI for Fiat/ Alfa/ Lancia/ Chrysler/ FCA version 7.3

We are very happy to announce the new features available in the upcoming version of the AVDI for Fiat/ Alfa/ Lancia/ Chrysler/ FCA - 7.3. In it our developers are ready with the reading of the PIN codes of the new Chrysler models such as the Chrysler Pacifica from 2017+, Dodges of the similar years and others. This function will be a free addition to all FN017 owners with a valid AMS.

Remote frequency hub modules (RFH) direct CAN support (for the cases when direct connection to the internal CAN is needed.

Also new in the upcoming version will be the addition of the BCM from Delphi with NEC 70F3632/70F3633. They will be supported for Reading/Writing of Flash and Data Flash. Again this will be available for customers with the FN017 and a valid AMS.

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