1. Simon Touch AVDI Christmas Offer

To all our existing AVDI clients (simon touch clients ) we give from 25 % to 30 % on any special function .Please note offer valid till 16 December 2016

2. Abrites Christmas starter kit

- This kit is best suited for customers who own or work at an automotive repair workshop or indeed for anyone looking for a diagnostic tool
to begin working in the field of diagnostics. This kit will include basic diagnostic software and the free special functions we offer as standard
as well as our Passthru J2534 driver which allows you to use the OEM diagnostic software tools for many brands with your AVDI. We will also include the Abrites tough case to make the equipment easier to carry. It is also a great idea to combine with one of our Holiday software kits
- AVDI + ATC01 = 699 EURO instead of 913 EURO

3. Abrites Christmas Starter Key Learning Kit AVDI + ZN002 PROTAG

This kit will allow all the features of the Abrites Christmas starter kit + the abilities of the KT010 TAG Key Tool software.
This means that you will be able to prepare and learn transponders by immobilizer dump.
This is a great preparation for any locksmith and workshop where key learning is also required.
- AVDI + ATC01 + ZN002 PROTAG = 1349 EURO instead of 1713 EURO

4. Abrites diagnostics for VAG Christmas special FULL SOFTWARE / ALL VAG functions sold separately or in bundles will have a 50% discount

For the Abrites Diagnostics for VAG we decided to go for two options in order to find the most appropriate solution for everyone:

- All Abrites diagnostics for VAG special functions will be individually sold at a 50% discount during the days of the Christmas special.
AN043,044,045,046,048,049,050,052,053,054,055,056,057,059 each have 50% discount when purchased separately or as a set different to the FULL set.
- The Abrites diagnostics for VAG FULL software package (all AN special functions together) will be sold at a 60% discount.
All VAG special functions(AN043;AN044;AN045;AN046;AN048; AN049;AN050;AN052;AN053;AN054;AN055;AN056;AN057 and AN059) come at a total price of

4480 EURO instead of 11200 EURO

( 60% discount for VAG FULL) / 50% discount on separate special functions or functions in bundles from separate VAG functions other than full.

5. Abrites diagnostics for Renault/ Dacia and Peugeot/ Citroen Special/ French Car Software kit

For customers specializing in French vehicles we offer 40% discount on all Renault/ Dacia and Peugeot/ Citroen Special functions.

6. Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes DAS MANAGER Christmas kit

This kit includes all the software and the peripheral hardware you need inorder to read the EZS password, make virgin, adapt save FBS data and coding,
Emulate Green/ Grey/ Orange keys for ALL DAS related modules(EZS/EIS; ELV/ESL; ECU; TCU; ISM) and prepare infra red keys for Mercedes- Benz vehicles.
As a bonus you will receive one TA12 and one TA21 reusable Abrites infra red keys in order to test and get a better feeling for the processes.
If you do not have an AVDI or PROTAG we advise you to combine the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes DAS MANAGER Christmas kit with the
Abrites Christmas Starter Key Learning kit (AVDI + ZN002 PROTAG).

- The kit includes MN026+ Abrites Distribution Box (replacement for the ZN041)+ZN036+ZN045 +2x IR keys (TA12, TA21) for 1999 EURO

7. Abrites diagnostics for BMW Christmas FULL kit

Based on the fact that BMW vehicles are very demanding to work on we saw that most customers require ALL BMW special functions in order to work on them.
A lot of our customers were placed in a position where the cars demanded the purchase of a special function while working on it.
For this very reason we decided to compile the kit and offer it at a 40% discount.
This kit can be combined with the Abrites Christmas Starter Key Learning kit (AVDI + ZN002 PROTAG) if you do not have the hardware already.

- BN010+ BN011+ BN012+ BN013 - 2280 EURO instead of 3800 EURO

8. As Always we will be offering a 20% discount for ANY software special function that is not mentioned above

20% discount on all special functions.

AVDI Diagnostics for Ford/ Mazda U2300 DTC

We would like to bring to your attention a solution to a very common issue you may face known as the U2300 DTC. Whenever you change the ABS module on a late generation Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Mazda CX-5, etc. it is common to get the U2300 - Central Configuration Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). This is a well-known issue to which there was no ready solution so far. This can be solved with the AVDI Diagnostics for Ford/ Mazda and for the moment we believe to be the only company to provide it.  Please note that the function will be available to all customers with a valid AMS. For more information please contact info@keyprogtools.com

ZN051 Abrites Distribution Box

Since the beginning of development of the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes and the DAS manager we have always wanted to provide our customers with a neater and more convenient

solution to connect to the Mercedes – Benz than the ZN041 y-splitter cables and relay.

The ZN041 was able to do the job but the chance to lose a part of it, forget it when going to a car or damage it was large besides it was harder to manufacture and not as multifunctional.

Because of the constant evolution of our tools and the addition of new functionality pushed us to the next natural step - ZN051 Abrites Distribution Box.

The ZN051 allows us to connect it clean between the AVDI and the OBD without having a bundle of cables hanging from the OBD while we are working and adding confusion and additional time to trace

what is connected where instead of spending more time to work on the car. In addition the fuse relay is now built into the Abrites Distribution Box and its work can also be monitored by the built-in LED.

Using the ZN051 we also open the door for many new features. It allows us to work easily with boot mode on EDC17/ MED17 boot mode for the Abrites diagnostics for VAG and others as well.

The distribution box now also includes the option to be updated so all new future functions and features will be available immediately.

In short our ZN041 evolved in a new neater and more convenient solution the features of which will expand beyond just the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes.


AVDI TagKeyTool version 9.3

- added support for 13.56MHz identification cards
- improved operation with Hitag Pro transponders/keys
- introduced new functionality for remote control frequency check
- Improved key inspector functionality
- Improved Texas transponder operation

Free for all owners of TagKeyTool with ProTag programmer and valid AMS.

AVDI Diagnostics for Mercedes version 9.6

The AVDI diagnostics for Mercedes continues to improve on the DAS Manager function for FBS3 vehicles while at the same time provides updates to the

Cluster calibration functionality by adding new models.

- Added password extraction for W231 (SL) even when all keys are lost. Free for all owners of MN026 with valid AMS.

- Added instrument cluster mileage recalibration for W166/X166 (GL/ ML) as well as R172 (SLK) and 463 (G). Free for all owners of MN020 with valid AMS.

- improved password extraction from working key from keyless cars (W221, W216, X164 and others). Free for all owners of MN026 with valid AMS.

AVDI Diagnostics for BMW/ Mini version 30.5

- Improved vehicle auto detection, manual vehicle selection is no longer needed, the software automatically determines the type of vehicle and allows the software to automatically proceed to working with the vehicle. Free for all AVDI owners with valid AMS

AVDI Diagnostics for Audi/ Volkswagen/ Seat/ Skoda/ Bentley/ Lamborghini version 27.6

- Added Component security and PIN code extraction by OBDII from Magneti Marelli instrument clusters using UDS protocol.

- Added ability to Learn keys for Magneti Marelli UDS dashboards by dump (EEPROM and flash - NEC V850 using ABPROG). Free for all owners of AN050 with valid AMS.

- Added cluster calibration for Magneti Marelli UDS dashboards by dump (EEPROM and flash - NEC V850 using ABPROG). Free for all owners of AN044 with valid AMS.

- Immo V vehicles with BCM2 (A4/A5/Q5 2008+ and A6/A7/A8/Touareg 2010+) - added automatic synchronization of the ID in all modules (including ELV).

- Added possibility to replace the dashboard and infotainment module for A6/A7/A8/Touareg 2010+

(In the cases where the old module is available the procedure is done completely by OBDII)

AVDI diagnostics for Jaguar/ Land Rover version 2.0

Our current update includes the addition of several new KVM modules for Land Rover vehicles. This update will allow key learning to be performed to many

Land Rover Range Rover, Range Rover Sport vehicles but also the upcoming Land Rover Discovery LR 5, expected in 2017.

Free for all owners of the JL002 and AMS special function.

AVDI diagnostics for Ford/ Mazda version 6.6

The latest update to the AVDI diagnostics for Ford/ Mazda includes the addition of the latest model Transit (2016) and the diagnostically derivative (Mondeo and the American models). Our customers will be able to identify the new models by the key type also. These will be HITAG PRO PCF7953.

The required function will be FR008. Customers who currently have the FR008 and AMS will receive the functions for free.

AVDI Diagnostics for Mitsubishi version 3.0

The update to the AVDI diagnostics for Mitsubishi marks the return of the product introducing an updated concept and expanding on the previous platform while remaining the classical AVDI reliability and simplicity.

- The latest version includes updates such as the automatic vehicle model recognition. As well as:

- Basic diagnostic functionality such as Diagnostic trouble codes reading and clearing, live data, Reading and identifying electronic modules, Actual values added for the new generation of Mitsubishi vehicles (MY2005 - MY2016).

- Functions such as Service Reminder for Instrument Cluster, Readiness test for ECU, etc. have also been added to the version.

The above functions will be free for all customers with valid AMS.

- Key registration and KOS-key registration for all vehicles MY2005 - MY2016. Free for all owners of MI006 with Valid AMS

AVDI Diagnostics for Toyota/Lexus/Scion version 10.0

- New models added to the functionality for master key emulation and emergency start. Our constantly growing database includes new models sold in

Europe, North America, South America, Asia and the Middle East. Free for all owners of TN06 with valid AMS.

- G type chip production with TA17 using the ProTag programmer has been added. Free for all owners of TN05 or TN06 with valid AMS.

- Added support for Toyota C-HR

AVDI Diagnostics for Renault/ Dacia version 7.1

- Improved basic diagnostics functionality for Megane IV, Scenic IV, Talisman, Kadjar, Koleos II, Espace V, Kwid - Module identification, Diagnostic trouble codes, Module description, live data, actuator testing. Free for all users with valid AMS.
- Added PIN code extraction and key learning for Twingo III/Smart W453 MY2016, Trafic III 2016

(For both the Twingo III/ Smart 453 and the Traffic III the presence of one working key is required). Free for all owners of RR012 with valid AMS.

- We are introducing a new special function (RR013) - Airbags. The function allows clearing stored crash data in the unit produced from

Temic and Continental (it supports units utilizing the CAN protocol). Free for all owners of RR009 or RR011 with valid AMS.

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