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AVDI for Opel/Vauxhall

The latest update of the AVDI for Opel/Vauxhall has added support on the following fronts:

Key Learning

The new and improved key learning function now supports programming of keyless keys for Opel Insignia/Chevrolet Cruze. Key learning has also been added for certain Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC models.

NB! The new function is available for owners of the ON013 special function. Customers with older key learning functions will need to use the "Legacy mode" special function.

Read Security Code

Engines: E38, E39, E39A, E78, E83, E92
Instrument Panel Cluster with 4.2 inch Color Display - Insignia Facelift (2013-2017)
Instrument Panel Cluster with 8 inch Color Display - Insignia Facelift (2013-2017)
Body Control Module - Insignia Facelift (2013-2017)
Body Control Module - Corsa D

Read/Update ConfData

BCM Delphi 70F3238 (93C86) - Read/Write - Corsa D
BCM Delphi 70F3379 (93C86) - Read/Write - Corsa D
BCM Delphi 70F3633 - Read data flash - Meriva B
BCM Bosch 70F3385 (24C16) - Read/Write
BCM Bosch 70F3469 (24C16) - Read/Write
BCM Bosch 70F3558 (24C32) - Read/Write
BCM Continental 70F3469 (95160/25160) - Read/Write
BCM Continental 70F3558 (95320/25320) - Read/Write

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